Uber Volunteer Part 1

There comes a time in the lives of most mothers with elementary school children – especially those in private school – where one is compelled to take on a big, volunteer project for reasons that will escape said parent during the course of planning whatever they’ve agreed to chair.

Currently, I am that parent and have found myself dealing with the stress of the ‘job’ in three ways.  First there is wine… because is there anything in life that the blessed grape does not improve?  Then there is exercise the endorphins from which give me the élan to deal with the idiosyncratic nature of school functions – the differing styles and ego strengths coming together to work toward a common goal.  Finally, there is the last and least good way of coping with stress.  The one I resorted to last night.  After one of those days I de-stressed by popping a Benadryl and then diving head first into a vat of carbohydrates.

What is wrong with me? No, no, not in general, dear heavens we don’t have all day, but in terms of why I resort to stress eating?  Between the Benadryl fog and carbohydrate – which the body breaks down into sugar after all –crash, my morning has been less than optimally productive … thus making me further behind and even more stressed.  

Today is a new day. I will not devolve into carbo-loading. I worked out and ordered Nespresso refills – I will need them both as Pringles is just not the answer and caffeine is a much better addiction to nurture, right?

More thoughts on this topic… after the event, of course, presuming I’m not in rehab.

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