Thankful Fret

I vaguely remember a story in which the teller said that they were thankful for some malady because in the process of diagnosing it, doctors discovered something much graver.  I understand this logic – but from afar.  I am trying to find it in me to be thankful that I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, not only for the material the diagnosis provides, but also, for all the good I hope to be able to do with it. I am working to get to this thankful place— because I’m not there yet. There is no self-pity, no asking of why, just shock that I’m twitchy – and not just metaphorically – at a relatively young age.

I am thankful for many things though.  On most days this includes my family, their spirit and sense of humor. Thanks to them, I shake on solid ground. I’m thankful for my house and that my neighbors seem to hate only my younger dog, who is slowly but surely leaving her annoying puppy ways behind.  I am thankful for a loving and supportive community. I am thankful for medical advances and my ability to afford them.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” instructs Luke.
I’ve been given a great deal in this life, so I guess I’m thankful that I have PD and not a more serious ailment. I had hoped to get away with volunteer work and charitable donations, but Parkinson’s it is.  It’s not as high a price as some must pay for reasons that never quite jive with my sense of right and wrong.

I will try to be thankful for the curve balls life throws at me, and work to improve my swing throughout the decades I hope I have left.  I will not take pleasure or joy for granted. I will be thankful for the sight to see the good around me. Thank you.

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