Semiconductor Fret

There is a “law” in the semi-conductor industry that semiconductor speed — since extrapolated to knowledge — will double every 18 months. True. The technology in my phone exponentially trumps the semiconductor speed and knowledge that originally sent man to the moon.  Extraordinary… Frightening? Inspiring.

So, why do mothers everywhere, across generations commiserate about the same problems?  Where the heck is our maternal semiconductor model?  Why can’t there be an MSM for that?

Sure, my generation of parents understands better than our parents before us that toddlers are testing gravity when they drop their food onto the floor. Again. And again. Repeatedly. But there we are on the floor picking up the little devils’ wasted food like our mothers and grandmothers before us.

Human development, like natural selection, is not a straight trajectory.  We learn. We collect. We progress then forget. We select, then regret. Yet somehow, we grow individually and collectively— even if it’s only because we know why we’re on the floor picking up wasted food — manage to advance civilization.





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