Pandemic Fatigue

I am not a demonstrative person by nature.
And yet…
I want to French Kiss strangers, lick handrails and discard my mask.
I am done with hand sanitizer, socially distant outside dining and doing my own nails.

I hate COVID-19.

I weep in frustration about this pandemic-imposed reality.
I weep when this killer plague’s statistics are made real by the news stories about those whose lives this scourge cut short.

I scream in impotent rage.

But I put on my mask before I exit the car.
Deal with the fog on my spectacles.`
Sanitize my hands, the steering wheel – everything I touch.
I will not be the conduit for this cootie.
I will not take up an ICU bed.

Join me. Let’s do what we can.
For ourselves and each other.


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