I Believe

I believe in the great American Novel – and I believe I have to write one. Or at least try my tortured best to do so.

I believe in showing up and being present when I do.

I believe that when I hate things— people and/or places— that it is for a reason … and a good one(s), thank you – even if my conscious mind isn’t exactly sure what the/those reasons is/are.

I believe in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. I hope that I’ve passed this belief onto my kids.

I believe that the universe is unjust, unfair and occasionally cruel. I believe that this sucks.

I also believe that regardless of the above that I must, must must not be any of those things.

I believe that perfection is an ideal but that excellence is attainable.

I believe that if you spend the money to install an intercom within your home, regardless of its size, it will always result in more yelling.

I believe in sighing. Often. Sigh

I believe that nature is glorious. I also believe that is out to kill us. Or at least it is out to kill me. Always.

I believe that a kid with privilege who is impolite is – or perceived to be so by others—is an asshole. Manners are like social glue, and those who don’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are being careless and disrespectful of others’ efforts.

I believe all of this, and on most days, it is enough

What do you believe?

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