Happy List

My Happy List

When I read a perfectly crafted sentence and discover I wrote it.

When Waze doesn’t tell me to take an unprotected left turn.

When my 13 -year-old daughter applies sunscreen without a fight.

When my dog assumes Downward Dog.

When my eldest is polite and honorable reflexively.

When my Chanel has a huge sale.

When my youngest insists he loves me more.

When the ratio of my Margarita, Latte or Arnold Palmer is just so.

When my husband is my partner in triumph or crime.

When a promise that brings a smile to our troubled world is fulfilled.

When the sun sets over a bluff, or by the ocean and I remember there are wonders to behold.

When my daughter shows me a glimmer of her wondrous spirit.

When my besties and I laugh until we cry because life is just that absurdly absurd.

When my blow dry lasts all weekend.

When justice is served.

When my day goes as planned.

When my daughter stops damning me to hell for taking away her iPhone.

When I crush a meeting or assignment.

When the number on my scale is lower.

When my daughter isn’t trying to kill me.

When a mother’s or lover or friend’s broken heart is healed.

When Congress uses the word bipartisan on a piece of legislation.

When a friend’s biopsy result is benign.

When real hope peeks out from Pandora’s Box.

When my daughter realizes I am on her side and grants me clemency.





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