Compliment Fret

“That’s a pretty necklace,” I said to a random woman with a lovely heart pendant who I passed on a bathroom run.  “Thank you,” she replied with a smile.  And the intersection of our lives was over.

I ‘practice’ yoga as much as the next privileged gal in search of a stretch. I think kind thoughts about myself and others when instructed to do so while in ‘Prayer Hands’. I ‘bow to the divine in others’ at the end of class and leave in peace.

I hope that through my twitch I might be able to help those whose walk with God shakes like mine does – or in a way all their own.

I believe that God embraces my imperfect path even though it rarely takes me to a house of worship on a weekend – as I strive to ease the burden of my brothers and sisters created in His image.

I believe I have a soul. I like to think it is a good one, light with air and other-worldly grace. I like to think I can use it to lighten others’ loads even if it’s only with a passing compliment. Because in any given singular moment of interaction we claim connection with something bigger than ourselves. We claim our shared humanity where we can amortize our individual pain by easing the burdens of others.  So, as we scurry to-and-fro, frantic to get to the bottom of a seemingly endless ‘To Do’ list stop. Stop. Just for a moment.  Look for something compliment-worthy in a random human with whom we share this earth.  Share a smile. Maybe even a laugh. There might just be a sacred communion in the flash when you notice that pretty pendant.

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