Sisterhood Anthem

We are a sisterhood

of mothers.

We fight. For our village. Against our own demons. For all children.

We fight glass ceilings and preconceived notions


We fight to show you the best part of yourself.

We teach you to fight, “go talk to your gym teacher and demand to throw the same weight shotput as the boys.”

We fight to have a place at the table –for you, our dear ones, to have a place at its head.  We fight for our world. We fight for your world.


We are a sisterhood

of mothers.

We believe we can hoist you on our shoulders to reach for excellence.

We believe that through our fierce, fierce love you can look in the mirror and like what you see.  Your soul reflects all that is beautiful in ourselves – and what can be in the world.

We believe that you can be better than us.

We want you to be better than us.


We are a sisterhood

of mothers.

We talk. To ourselves. Our children. We talk. To each other

We talk to create a village.

We listen to you while we chauffeur you and your friends. When you talk as if we aren’t there. We listen.

We pick up the phone and force ourselves to have awkward conversations.  With mothers we don’t particularly like, with mothers we really sorta hate. We talk about you, dear ones. “She mentioned suicide. It was likely in jest. I may be overreacting but I’m calling anyway. “


We are a sisterhood

Of mothers.

We show up for our friends – whether they’re mothers or not.

We show up because a world of sisterhood is a good world.

We show up because a world that embraces both the virgin and the whore is one that can dispense with such labels.

We show up to care for each other and the world we will launch you into.


We are a sisterhood of mothers.
We talk. We fight. We pray.


We are a sisterhood.

Of mothers.

And when the world is good for mothers,

it’s good for all.




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