Phone Tooth Fret

I just called
To talk about my teeth

The teeth that you bequeathed me
The teeth with which I gnash upon memories
Of you.

The teeth that are aging faster than I hope
The teeth that bear the damnation of your DNA
The teeth, for which I pay, pay and pay.

Your legacy, my teeth
Mother, like daughters
Our trio of tusks

The teeth that join us three
Separated by a continent, across phone lines we complain
Of our shared dental doom
Implants in, another’s out
Couldn’t one of us have married a dentist?

Gnaw, Nibble, Crunch
I chew upon the memory
Of the trio, we were once.

Gnaw Nibble Crunch
Can we scrunch back to that place?
Of molars, powerful and strong, eschewing obstacles

Failing fangs tether us together
I starve for bite-sized pieces of love,
From both of you.

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